Green Smoothie recipes

Smoothie Recipes delicious and healthy…

There are so many recipes floating on the internet now but the basic ingredient of any smoothie is any fresh raw greens and fruit and the process of making them is as simple as blending them. These recipes insist on raw greens and fruits which are rich in enzymes and biophotons,they are a simple yet great powerhouse of energy,an ideal breakfast food when time is at a premium in the mornings.

The other thumb rule when you opt for a diet of green smoothie recipes is never have what you had the previous day. This is essentially to expose your body and system to various kinds of greens and fruits thus ensuring you get the best nutrients and vitamins in right doses. So always mix them up and blend different raw greens with different fruits everyday,this also means you don’t get to see the same food on your plate everyday. Green smoothie recipes are good and complete food recipes for all ages. They are rich in fiber and fresh fruit sugar which is the best form of natural sugar available.

An ideal smoothie consists of 60% fresh fruits and 40% raw leafy vegetables. This is the optimum combination of sugar and nutrients that your body requires. Green smoothies are easy to digest and the sweet fruits neutralize the bitter taste of raw greens.although be carefull here as too much acidic juices can be bad for the stomach,so a healthy balanced diet is always recommended. They’re also great source of energy for kids and toddlers who burn a lot of energy while playing. They are sure to love the new smoothie that you have prepared and there would be no tears shed over the breakfast table.

You are looking to shed pounds? Hunting for a quick way to get flat abs? The magic of a green smoothie recipe could do the trick for you. They are the best choice of food for the fitness conscious. They are low carbohydrate high fiber diet that will keep you glowing throughout the day. Make your own green smoothie recipe and enjoy your way to a healthy life. Remember mix them up, shake them up and there you get your green smoothie recipe!

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Organic food

We eat food because it is a necessity. No one could live without proper food. But there are differently type of food stuff you can choose from. Some are healthy shoe are not, some are clean, and fully hygienic and some are not. The same way, some food stuff is organic food and some or not. The main reason for people to select such organic substance is the way such vegetables or fruit are grow. They are growing organically means no chemical spray or liquid are used to protect the crop or vegetable for any diseases or bugs that can have some bad effect on the crop.  Despite chemical spray some natural techniques are used to protect the particular crop of vegetables from being attack by bugs or diseases.


We all know that chemical spray on crop do have side effect and it can be harmful, therefore people prefer to use Organic food rather than the conventional food stuff.  Now the question is how important it is to go for such organic substance. Researchers believe that though organic types of food are more recommended to be purchase and eaten but there is not a great deal of difference in organic or other food substances.


But if you have a choice and you can afford go for the organic food.  Such food should be adopted for various other reasons like such food are easy to grow, such foods are cost-effective and you does not need. The other thing that do matter is such food growing technique is envoi mental friendly.


So if you are thinking on these lines, you can also start growing organic vegetables at home or in your backyard. The other health benefit of such food is that it is a great natural activity. You can stay connected with nature. You can also enjoy the feeling of your grown vegetable growing. Also such organic foods are very harmless to use. You can also take your children with you in the vegetable yard where you grow organic vegetables and let them help you.  I would recommend you to eat organic food and if you have any additional space grow it also.  It is a perfect activity to get relax and get rid of with stress and strain. On the other hand if you go to the market and you are sure that the vegetable you are purchasing is pure, hygienic, purchase it do not think if it is organic or not. It matter when you chose to decide to grow such vegetable organically. You cannot any vegetable when you need it, only because it is not organic.